The Beasts

I’ve had pets for most of my life, and they’ve been a significant addition to my life. It’s most been cats, with the occasional addition of other species. The queen of beasts, of course, was Mrs. Whatsit, a gift from my ex-wife during our first year together, and who was with me through many of my twists and turns, from happy summers in Pennsylvania and Arkansas through divorce and coma. Our current three are a marvellous trio who share me reasonably well. We have been very fortunate that much though they have very different personalities, the three have come together with us humans to form a family. They’ve taught me a lot with their simplicity and their honesty.

The picture above is of me with Sam and Tucker: as usual, Pursy is elsewhere. She is known as the alleged kitty because so few of our friends have seen the live version. Sam and Tuck are very personable when people come over; Pursy heads for the hills. An example of very different personalities.

4. I’m thankful for my beasts.

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One Response to The Beasts

  1. Rowland Stewart Chapman says:

    Nice pic , I too love our feline cousins

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