I’m sure you can imagine my difficulty. As many of my readers know, my first degree (BA) was in pastoral studies from Moody Bible Institute: a conservative, evangelical college in the midst of downtoswnChicago, where they disagree with homosexuality as an expression of love and refer to same sex marriage today only in quotes. I went through “conversion therapy” while I was a student there, and though I tried for years, it didn’t stick. Years later, when I came out and started to explore my queer perspective, I accepted that I was cutting myself off from my classmates at Moody. (Surprisingly, that has been much less the case than I was afraid of.) I have spent years trying to find a marriage of my conservative faith and my more progressive social conscience. I think I finally found it at the church I’ve attended the last few years, where I am accepted as both an out, gay man and an active theological explorer. My experience with churches has been fairly wide and varied: from larger and more conservative in Chicago to smaller in Little Rock and more liberal in Toronto. It has been difficult to find one where I feel called and where I feel comfortable enough to express myself honestly. The road has been bumpy and complex, but I feel fulfilled with where it has taken me thus far. My current denomination is Anglican, and I am confident as I walk with the leadership of Saint John’s York Mills that we are finding a balance together, and discovering new perspectives on what it is to know and walk with God. I plan to write a bit more about that journey in the near future.

6. I’m thankful for my church, St. John’s York Mills Anglican.

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