I enjoy a good challenge. I remember when I was in high school a friend of mine gave me what was then a little known 3-D puzzle from Europe because she thought I would enjoy trying to figure it out: a Rubik’s Cube. (Though I’ve never solved the cube, I’ve also never looked at the solution.) I’ve always enjoyed problem solving: originally a bit more related to questions of math and science, but over the last decade or so moving into social isssues and mitigating conflict. I also enjoy challenging myself: recognizing weakness and compensating.

This current project: identifying what I’m thankful for during Advent, is something of a challenge for me. It’s easy to be critical, and to identify what’s wrong with things in our lives. We see it all the time in work and in government. Criticism is cheap; iit takes more effort to be constructive. This is one of my efforts to bring positive energy into our lives.

9. I’m thankful for challenges.

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