New Year Traditions

I’ve written in previous years about traditions that we celebrate at the New Year; this year I thought I’d focus more on our first dinner as a family each January. The Southern tradition is black-eyed peas and collards, which we had cooking in the afternoon along with our jalapeno corn bread. The collards are greens that start as a substantial, leafy quantity, but cook down to a wonderful consistency. Still, it’s hardly the most modern or extravagant tradition. I’ve often wondered how it developed; but at least it assures a certain degree of regularity for those who uphold it at the beginning of the year.

It was a wonderful beginning to 2016.

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One Response to New Year Traditions

  1. Kent Ballew says:

    This tradition dates back to the Civil War. Sherman stole all other food crops and over looked the black eyed peas which was used for livestock but were used by confederate as food source., Black eyed peas are meant to represent coins and greens represent green paper money with cornbread representing gold. Hope you have monetary wealth in 2016.

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