What gives you energy?

Anne at my church (St. Johns York Mills Anglican in Toronto) is starting a couple of sessions intending to speak about spiritual gifts, and she laid the groundwork yesterday by describing the church at Corinth. They were the recipients of the letter known today as 1 Corinitians, and chapter 12 of that letter focuses on gifts. One of her points was that the church at Corinth was one in which was relatively young, but in which the members knew each other well and had good relationships. We have been trying to grow as such a church at St. Johns, where our relationships within are examples of the love of God: and to do that we need to know who we are as people, not just as faces in the crowd. I appreciated one of the strategies that Anne suggested: when you meet someone new, or someone you would like to know better, ask them: “What gives you energy?”

This is a question I haven’t thought of for a while. When I was going through some counselling with Kim, my once-wife, we discovered the Meyers-Briggs personality sorter: and one of the aspects I discovered was that I was (and am) an introvert. I get energy from my alone-time: and although I can be empowered by friends, it is generally through one-on-one experiences. Lots of other things give me energy: from problem-solving to camping to my cats (who also derive energy from me: see Pursy above). I think it’s important to know what gives us energy as individuals: and, as Anne suggested, to also¬†understand what gives others energy so we can learn to love them in the ways that they most need to be loved.

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