Wake Up Day 2016

Spring rolls around every year, and with it many events that stimulate new birth and new life: for me in particular there is a very poignant reminder of such. Generally at the end of May (around the 29th), we invite our closest friends over for dinner at our house to celebrate the day in 2001 that I woke out of a six-week coma and started my road back to recovery. In Arkansas we used to serve catfish (with pictures): the tradition here in Toronto is that we will prepare grilled (BBQ) Pizza and provide plenty of beer (with pictures). If you want to bring anything else, you’re quite welcome to: but nothing else is necessary. This is not a potluck, though you are welcome to add to dinner as you wish. All we ask is that you RSVP (either on the Facebook Page or directly by email) to let us know you’re coming. We want to be as prepared as we can! Spouses and children are quite welcome, just let us know how many you will be bringing. With an RSVP we can also let you know of any last- minute changes to the evening.

We’re late this year for a variety of reasons: and I apologize that I’ve been less than consistent in identifying the day. But Tim and I have agreed to Saturday June 11.

One note that we do try to make to everyone: we have three cats whom we imported from Arkansas: one of them will disappear before the party and we will not see her for three days, but the other two are quite social. They enjoy interacting with kids, but they do stay inside. For those who are allergic, we usually spend a significant part of the event outside (specially since that is where we grill the pizza). We thus hope for good weather: and sometimes this happens.

Date: Saturday June 11, 2016, 6:00pm (until it ends)
Location: 21 Potsdam Road, Toronto: Townhouse 51 (the location in Google is approximate)

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