You can take the boy out of the south…

Pictured at right was tonight’s dinner. Yes, you have it right: canned turnip greens and cornbread. And not just any cornbread: Jiffy cornbread. I got these as a present for Tim when I fount them; they are ubiquitous in Arkansas, easy to make, inexpensive (I think I got two boxes for a dollar) and they are yummy. Note that listed on the ingredients, however, is the key: “animal shortening”, composed of, among other things: “lard”. You don’t find that in too many places these days. The meal was very much a throwback to old comfort food: not exactly vegetarian, but low in meat and inexpensive. I’m often impressed with what you can make at low cost. Although I would rather make both these from scratch, which Tim frequently does later in the summer: the salt content of the prepared foods was a bit on the high side.

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