Resolutions: Walking

I know, I’m one of those strange people who keeps up on their resolutions every year until they’re either completed or are embarrassingly out of date. This year is no exception. One of my resolutions for 2017 was to walk more, and to hike more, and to visit more parks around the province. This includes urban, provincial, and national parks. It’s a particularly good year for this resolution; Parks Canada has offered a national passport that makes admission to any national park free. So it should not be too hard to complete.

Being the analytical and numbers guy that I am, these have measurable goals as well. I’m trying to mark out 1000 km through the various parks that I hit, and to visit at least 50 parks over the year. I’m a bit behind on my average: but then I expected that for the winter, when it’s been too cold and uncomfortable to do as much outside activity as I’d wanted. I expect to catch up in the summer. Probably the most difficult part of this is that I’m trying to include other people in my walks as well.

Yesterday was a good example of one of my walks. I decided to take a hike through some of the parks that are south of my church, at Yonge & York Mills. It was rather chilly, so it wasn’t a long walk, but it was a good one nonetheless. As often happens, I discovered something that was significant. My high school, in the northwest part of the city, is a school with a significant arts program; it was named after C. W. Jefferys, one of the most important Canadian historical artists of the twentieth century. I had known for a while that his house has been preserved just down the walkway from my church, but today I discovered that there was a memorial built to him down in the valley area where he liked to work. It was another connection to my past that I’m discovering this year

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