Wake Up Day 2017

Spring rolls around each year with the return of wonderful weather and longer days. This has been a tumultuous year; for those who don’t know, my mom succumbed to Alzheimer’s last September, and inside two months afterwards I had a new job, working with a new team in a new location. I’m quite enjoying it, though it has been filled with challenges I did not expect, in many different ways. All the more reason to celebrate Wake Up Day this year, and to remember that the life and loves we have in this world can be fragile and transitory.

For those not familiar with the story behind Wake Up Day: it began with a car accident in 2001, which left me in a coma for six and a half weeks (the full story). Full recovery took a several years, during which I was fully supported by the friends and communities around me in Arkansas. Wake Up Day started as a thank you for them; since I moved to Toronto it has evolved into an appreciation of life, health and friends. The event gives me a chance every year to reconnect with people from my past. There are pictures from previous years on my Flickr page; in particular the ones from last year.

Here in Toronto, every year we grill pizza and provide beer and wine. All are welcome. If you want to bring anything else, you’re quite welcome to: but nothing else is necessary. This is not a potluck, though you are welcome to add to dinner as you wish. All we ask is that you RSVP, so that we can be sure we have enough food. This year I’ve created an Evite Invitation to allow for RSVPs, as well as a Facebook event page: or you can just send me a note direct my email. Spouses and children are quite welcome, just let us know how many you will be bringing. With an RSVP we can also let you know of any last-minute changes to the evening.

Date: Saturday May 27, 2017, 6:00pm
Location: 21 Potsdam Road, Toronto: Townhouse 51 (the location in Google is approximate)

See y’all soon!

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