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The Chrysalids

I’m one of those people who has lots of books. One of my most significant costs when I moved from Arkansas to Canada was that of moving those tomes. Many remain packed still, but I know where they are. A … Continue reading

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Executive Beaches

I have to admit: when I first heard this report, I thought it was fake. Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, has been under some flack today for closing state beaches in to the public and then enjoying one of … Continue reading

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Wake Up Day 2017

Spring rolls around each year with the return of wonderful weather and longer days. This has been a tumultuous year; for those who don’t know, my mom succumbed to Alzheimer’s last September, and inside two months afterwards I had a … Continue reading

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Resolutions: Walking

I know, I’m one of those strange people who keeps up on their resolutions every year until they’re either completed or are embarrassingly out of date. This year is no exception. One of my resolutions for 2017 was to walk … Continue reading

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For those who don’t know, 2017 is the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. I remember the Centennial anniversary: when Canada turned 100 in 1967. Well, I was all of three and a half years old, but I vaguely … Continue reading

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The Road is How (Trevor Herriot)

I don’t remember exactly how I first discovered this book; I can’t point to anyone who recommended it, or any series of events that led to its inclusion as the last on my 2016 reading list. But somehow I stumbled … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day 2016

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. As one who is involved with the LGBTQ community in Toronto and internationally, I knew it was coming. I’d seen the reminders, I read the posts. The day is not insignificant to me; I have … Continue reading

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