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The Road is How (Trevor Herriot)

I don’t remember exactly how I first discovered this book; I can’t point to anyone who recommended it, or any series of events that led to its inclusion as the last on my 2016 reading list. But somehow I stumbled … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2016

On Remembrance Day in Canada (called Veteran’s Day in the States) I am often reflective (as I was in a post 5 years ago). I remember in Junior High (I think it was in English class, Grade 8), I had … Continue reading

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You can take the boy out of the south… Pictured at right was tonight’s dinner. Yes, you have it right: canned turnip greens and cornbread. And not just any cornbread: Jiffy cornbread. I got these as a present for Tim … Continue reading

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Wake Up Day 2016

Spring rolls around every year, and with it many events that stimulate new birth and new life: for me in particular there is a very poignant reminder of such. Generally at the end of May (around the 29th), we invite … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Kim Davis from a Brother Christian

Ms. Davis: I’ve read a number of letters and articles addressing your current stand against same-sex marriage and the actions you’ve taken to uphold your personal beliefs. Many things have been said: a few I’ve agreed with, most have been … Continue reading

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Anyone But Harper

I hate long elections. Most of my experience with elections has been through the American system: I lived there for almost twenty years, and suffered through a number of interminable elections. That doesn’t mean I don’t support the democratic system: … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I watched The Nature of Things, with David Suzuki, one of my favourite Canadian educatoprs. The subject was the lowly beaver, and I learned a lot. (As I said in my last post, I prefer to … Continue reading

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