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The Meaning of Life

Friday night in Toronto… here I thought I was among the more boring people on the planet, but I chose to spend Friday night listening to a series of presentations (lectures if you want to call them that) about the … Continue reading

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New Subway Extension

Today (December 17, 2017) was the opening of the new subway extension to the northwest of the city. We’ve waited a long time for this; it’s effectively a 15 minute walk or a 10 minute bus ride away. I just … Continue reading

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I Believe You

It started a couple of days ago. Women friends on Facebook and Twitter started posting “Me Too” as status updates and describing sexual harassment they have experienced. I was surprised… even shocked… not only by the stories that they related, … Continue reading

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Cuff Links

Yesterday I wrapped up my latest position with the Ontario government. For the last year I’ve been a Research Analyst with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development. It was not the easiest of years. The work was interesting, … Continue reading

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Beyond Analytics

I’m changing jobs. Things are in a bit of limbo right now. My current position was cut back only a few weeks ago, and I’ve had to compensate. This is not awful; I still have a job and secure income, … Continue reading

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The Chrysalids

I’m one of those people who has lots of books. One of my most significant costs when I moved from Arkansas to Canada was that of moving those tomes. Many remain packed still, but I know where they are. A … Continue reading

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Single Issues

One thing that concerns me about our culture in the twenty-first century has been our tendency look at the broad spectrum of issues that plague our world and to reduce them to a single perspective. I understand the tendency: as … Continue reading

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