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The Road is How (Trevor Herriot)

I don’t remember exactly how I first discovered this book; I can’t point to anyone who recommended it, or any series of events that led to its inclusion as the last on my 2016 reading list. But somehow I stumbled … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day 2016

On Remembrance Day in Canada (called Veteran’s Day in the States) I am often reflective (as I was in a post 5 years ago). I remember in Junior High (I think it was in English class, Grade 8), I had … Continue reading

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Wake Up Day 2016

Spring rolls around every year, and with it many events that stimulate new birth and new life: for me in particular there is a very poignant reminder of such. Generally at the end of May (around the 29th), we invite … Continue reading

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OPN Exec Retreat

The Ontario Pride Network (OPN) is a group of Public Service employees in Ontario who have formed an employee “network” with the goal of encouraging, educating and providing professional development for LGBTQ workers in the province. We have recently established … Continue reading

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Polish Hot Pot

For Sunday dinner this week Tim was describing his concoction (at right); I asked what it was called. He shrugged and answered, slowly: “Cabbage and apples and onion and sausage cooked in a crock-pot.” Of course. Only later was he … Continue reading

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